Living Well in Myanmar

Dr. Gelsdorf contributes a bi-weekly column called "Living well in Myanmar" to Myanmar’s English-language newsper, The Myanmar Times.  Articles focus on lifestyle and medical topics to help residents of Myanmar stay healthy and happy.  Please send comments to

The Pneumoccocal vaccine in Myanmar  March 11, 2015

Two part series:  December 2015

Caring for your newborn, Part I

Caring for you newborn (Myanmar Recommendations), Part II

The challenges of hormone therapy for menopause  April 3, 2015

Using your diet to reduce the risk of stroke  February 22, 2015

Adding sugar to food is not so sweet  February 8, 2015

Protecting women’s hearts  January 25, 2015

Watch out for kids who watch too much  December 21, 2014

Convince your doctor not to give you medicine  December 7, 2014

No test may be the best  November 16, 2014

Keep fit to reduce cancer risk  November 1, 2014

Look to lifestyle to protect your heart  October 19, 2014

Sedative drugs may put you to sleep for good  September 28, 2014

Childhood Obesity  August 31, 2014

Questionable usefulness of vitamins  August 18, 2014

Brain exercise and living independently  July 20, 2014

Nuts and peanuts may be key ingredients for a long life  July 6, 2014

     (Burmese language version)

History and testosterone replacement therapy  June 22, 2014

The flu shot: knowing when and why to get it  June 8, 2014

Eating right in Myanmar  May 26, 2014

When 'health screening' does more harm than good  May 12, 2014

     (Burmese language version)

Making informed decisions on breast cancer screening  April 27, 2014 

     (Burmese language version)  

Difficulty sleeping?  Don't reach for pills right away  March 30, 2014

Should you get the Japanese Encephalitis vaccine?  March 9, 2014

What medicine does(n't) know abouth Thanaka  Feb 23, 2014

     (Burmese language version)  

Early introduction of table food may help breastfeeding babies  Feb 9, 2014

Study shows coffee good for you, but careful with 3-in-1  Jan 26, 2014

Can you spare 8 minutes for exercise?  Jan 12, 2014

Should my family and I get the Rabies Vaccine?  Nov 24, 2013

Start your day off right  Nov 10, 2013

Cough syrup for kids, not so sweet  Oct 27, 2013

Exercise your body and mind  Oct 13, 2013

Good News: We’re 3/4 of the way through rainy season  Sept 1, 2013

Do not smoke!  Aug 18, 2013

The trouble with stomach trouble  Aug 4, 2013

Can we eat a Mediterranean diet in Myanmar?  July 21, 2013

A good doctor is nice, a healthy lifestyle is better  July 7, 2013

Educate yourself on Dengue and help reduce its spread  June 23, 2013

It's flu season in Myanmar, time to get vaccinated  June 9, 2013  © Christoph Gelsdorf 2013